Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage can seem uncontainable, and it can rapidly spread to many areas of a property. Whether it is the result of a burst pipe, toilet overflow, or appliance malfunction, it is never pleasant to deal with without professional help.

If this type of damage isn’t dealt with quickly, it can cause mold contamination, which not only leaves some objects permanently damaged, it can also cause health issues if not treated correctly. Calling a specialist service as soon as possible is the best way to reduce damage, saving money and time in the process.

Whether your New Jersey property has suffered a plumping incident, or water damage has occurred due to bad weather, call us to find out how our damage restoration service can benefit you. As well as effectively removing any water damage, we will also conduct a thorough mold inspection as well as mold removal, to ensure that no long lasting damage remains. Our teams are expert cleaners who will restore the property back to its original state, quickly and professionally.

Quality We Ensure

Our enthusiastic team are meticulous when it comes to providing quality cleaning, so no stain goes unnoticed!

Experienced Workers

Its vital to choose a team that is armed with extensive experience and a thorough understanding of how to professionally handle water damage restoration.

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Our Water Damage Restoration Services

Our company is backed by years of experience and knowledge, and we proudly offer our restoration services in New Jersey. Our water damage restoration services cover:

  • Inspection - this is to determine the source of the water, such as if it has come from a clean or dirty water source and how much damage has occurred. The types of materials affected will also be assessed, as well as how long the water has been sitting.
  • Water extraction - specially equipped pumps and vacuums will be used to remove water. Some objects are easier than others to extract water from, for example, carpets release water quite easily compared to brick, hardwood or plaster, which can take a few weeks to fully dry.
  • Drying - Once absorbent surfaces have been vacuumed, the drying and dehumidification process starts. We used only professional equipment for air circulation, dehumidification, and directed heat drying.The full drying out process can take weeks to fully complete, depending on the types of materials affected. Using professional equipment can increase the drying time, preventing the growth of bacteria and bad smells.
  • Cleaning - As well as mold removal, all objects need to be sanitized, especially if the water came from a dirty source. Carpeting and other materials will be given special treatments to prevent mold build up from occurring in the future.
  • Restoration - This involves replacing damaged areas such as insulation and drywall. If areas are left untreated, whole structural parts of the building may need to be replaced. The severity of the restoration service will depend on the amount of destruction, as well as if there are any toxic substances such as lead or asbestos, which tend to come with older properties rather than new buildings.
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Standing water can create excessive mold and bacteria build up, which can cause serious health issues. Our services always use the safest removal methods in order to decontaminate the property without the spread of mycotoxins, and before finishing, our team will structurally dehumidify the building to avoid repeat build up.

Another important aspect is the removal of sewage water. As it is highly dirty and can be dangerous if not dealt with properly, it isn't advised for property owners to try and clean up sewage waste by themselves. We have the correct equipment to ensure that dirty waste is cleaned thoroughly, reducing further damage to the property.

Our New Jersey Team

Our team in New Jersey are well prepared and equipped to deal with any type of water damage that has occurred to a property. The service we provide is based on professionalism and dedication, so no water damage restoration project is too big for us.

Some of our other restoration services include fire and smoke damage restoration, as well as mold remediation, and we service across New Jersey. Our team is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Our services will get your property back to new, and we make sure that we eliminate all traces of moisture before completing a job.

Our guidelines ensure that the health and safety of your property residence are put first, and we work fully with insurance companies to complete the job efficiently. We keep you updated on all of our procedures, with clear and consistent communication, and work hard to restore the area back to its condition pre-damage.

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We specialize in water damage restoration, mold remediation, smoke damage as well as a number of other cleaning services, so if your home or business has been affected, call us at (973) 595-8006 . We are on hand 24 hours a day, offering our reliable restoration service to New Jersey.

Our team is dedicated to providing the most suitable service for your needs, and we offer flexible appointments to resolve any cleaning or restoration issues that suddenly occur.

Frequently Ask Questions

On average, it can take between 2-5 days for water damage to dry out, depending on different factors such as the type of materials flooded, the source of damage, and the length of time that the objects have been wet. Humidity levels can also impact this time. Using a specially equipped restoration service can speed up the drying process.

The process of water damage restoration involves a number of steps, including extracting the water, drying the affected areas, and removing moisture. A deep clean will then take place to ensure that mold and other bacteria don’t build up. Professional equipment is required to ensure that materials dry properly.

Water Damage Restoration Service Reviews

Andres Lora
Andres Lora
These guys where recommended to me and needless to say, I couldn’t of asked for a better job done on my carpet. They left the carpet looking like new!
mad diaz
mad diaz
always request the services of this company has offered us a very good service we would continue to use it and recommend it 100%
I hired SCS to come clean and older sofa that had some stains because of my dog. I didn't think they were going to be able to clean it, but boy! Not only did they clean it, but the sofa looks like its brand new! I highly recommend these company to everyone for any upholstery cleaning. I'm sure their other services are just as good or better! I think I might give them the chance to come to my office and clean the carpet!