Tile and Grout Cleaning in NJ

Grout & Tile Restoration Services

Over time, tiles, natural stone, and concrete floors can show signs of wearing down, from footfall traffic to scratches and scuffs. The grout can lose its color and take on a dirty grout appearance, even if you regularly clean your floors. All of this can lead to the overall room looking dull and in need of freshening up.

Our tile and grout cleaning services in New Jersey can help. Through years of experience, we have built up techniques and methods which are guaranteed to remove the toughest stains and bring your tiles and flooring back to life. Our tile cleaning NJ service offers a host of procedures for your floors, whether it’s for bathroom tiles, kitchen floors or commercial properties.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services New Jersey

To achieve the best results, our tile grout cleaning team uses high pressure extraction machinery alongside scrubbing machines and hot water. This ensures that no damage comes to your tile and grout, but effectively removes all grease and dirt.

When cleaning tile and grout, less water is actually more effective. As grout is porous, too much water can cause damage to its structural integrity which can result in disintegration. Using high pressure machinery and scrubbing means we use less water but still achieve fantastic results for your New Jersey property.

We only use environmentally safe de-greasers, and we always check the floors for a pre-inspection before commencing the tile repair. The result is a sparkling clean floor, which will immediately brighten up the whole room.

Our tile cleaning system in New Jersey is perfect for:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Most other hard surfaces
  • Grout cleaning

Our Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service

After thoroughly cleaning the tile and grout, our grouting specialists will apply for a high quality stain protection. We make sure to cover all the grout lines after the tile grout cleaning, so there is a consistent appearance across the whole floor and the grout color improves significantly. Combined with regular maintenance and grout cleaning, your floors will remain to look clean and fresh for longer.

Tile and Grout Repair New Jersey

Our tile and grout cleaning service in NJ also includes repairs and restoration as well as carpet cleaning. This includes fixing cracks and replacing and repairing tiles. Our cleaning system ensures that no detail is overlooked and that the job is always completed to a high standard.

Our Cleaning Services Guarantee

We understand that staying on top of regular maintenance of your tile and grout cleaning can be difficult. That’s why we always strive to leave you with a thorough, long lasting clean. Our team is dedicated to achieving great results in all of our services, and we have a firm commitment to our cleaning service in New Jersey.

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Offering flexible timings and a competitively priced tile and grout cleaning service in NJ, we work with you to make sure you always have clean, like-new floors. To receive a free estimate, call us and we will be happy to resolve your tile and grout lines cleaning needs.

We service all of New Jersey, and in addition to tile and ground cleaning services, we also offer carpet cleaning.


Bleach is not advised for use on grout as it can be very corrosive. Due to its potent nature, bleach can fade the grout color, and can even cause it to weaken and crumble.

Vinegar is an acid based liquid and grout is made from a mortar. When you combine the two, the grout can dissolve leaving you with an even worse condition. Vinegar should also be avoided when cleaning a tile made from stone, as it can damage the surface of the tile.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Reviews

Andres Lora
Andres Lora
These guys where recommended to me and needless to say, I couldn’t of asked for a better job done on my carpet. They left the carpet looking like new!
mad diaz
mad diaz
always request the services of this company has offered us a very good service we would continue to use it and recommend it 100%
I hired SCS to come clean and older sofa that had some stains because of my dog. I didn't think they were going to be able to clean it, but boy! Not only did they clean it, but the sofa looks like its brand new! I highly recommend these company to everyone for any upholstery cleaning. I'm sure their other services are just as good or better! I think I might give them the chance to come to my office and clean the carpet!